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Some Inconvenient Truths from Bob Shell

In Franz Kafka's masterpiece The Trial, Joseph K. is arrested one day "although he had done nothing wrong", and is then allowed to return to his "normal life". His arrest - though innocent of any crime except being alive--and his attempts to bring his case to trial define his life. Ultimately he is dragged from bed one morning and executed, never learning what he was supposed to have done.

My life since June 3, 2003, has been a living Kafka story. I have had to stand by helpless while my life has been destroyed and all my money taken, and for what? Now I sit in prison - possibly for the rest of my life - convicted by a tapestry of lies, deceptions, half-truths, and stupidity. I have been accused of horrible crimes on the basis of no evidence at all other than sick fantasies in other men's minds. Nowhere in any of this have the authorities shown even the slightest concern for the truth.

I have offered repeatedly since Marions death to take a polygraph/lie detector test administered by the VA State Police or other recognized polygraph experts. I have challenged the detectives to do the same, but they have not responded. At least I know I have nothing to hide.

This website has been put up by friends of mine to share the truth with anyone with an interest and an open mind to actually consider the facts.

Bob and Marion at a convention party in
Las Vegas March 2003. Photo by Vladimir Samarin