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The Psychic

Through the work of Rupert Sheldrake and other biologists a solid scientific basis is being built to understand many phenomena which have been called "psychic". You can read the studies in his books or at his website,

While I was looking desperately for answers to what happened and why, a friend of mine arranged for a "reading" by the prominent psychic Jeffrey Wands. In preparation for this I sent him several photos of Marion along with some strands of her hair. At the appointed time I contacted Mr. Wands by telephone. He had been given no other information about Marion other than her first name.

While holding the photos and hair he told me that the person in the photos had a serious drug problem and other psychiatric problems (Marion was strongly bipolar). He told me that she suffered from post~traumatic stress disorder (interestingly my own doctor had said the same when I described Marion's behavior to him.)

Mr. Wands went on to say that Marion's addictions and other problems were the result of severe childhood sexual trauma (also something my doctor had told me). Marion had broken down during one of our deep discussions and told me of her sexual abuse at the age of thirteen. She would never tell me who the perpetrator was, only that it was "a family member". Mr. Wands said without hesitation, "Oh, it was the father. It's almost always the father." Prior to this my suspicions had centered on one of her older stepbrothers.

I talked to Mr. Wands for well over the hour my friend had paid for, or I should say I listened, since he did all of the talking. There was none of the prompting for clues from me that you get with all of the fake mediums. He painted a picture of Marion more accurate and in more detail than I ever could have imagined, including detailed information about her recent dental problems which had been very serious. At the time of my discussion with him, none of the information about Marion had been published anywhere, and most of it never was.

As we continued the telephone call, Mr. Wands told me that Marion's death was definitely an accident, not a suicide as her best friend believed. He also told me that her love for me was genuine, although there was an element od uainf mw in her behavior. The last thing he told me was that she was now at peace. Make of this what you will. I know it helped me a great deal in coping with the pain.