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The E-Mails

We introduced into evidence a series of e-mails between Marion and me; e-mails that make our romantic relationship explicitly clear. The prosecution has attempted to discredit these e-mails because one of them, a very unimportant one, is dated April 31, 2003.

In attempting to figure out how that date got there, I did considerable research on the Internet. I found a few references to this being a problem with early versions of Apple's Mail program. In this case both the sending and receiving computers were Apple i-Mac running the original version of OSX.

The understanding I gained from my research is that when e-mails were routed through certain servers the month was read incorrectly by Mail, so that the date is rendered correctly but off by one month. In this case the e-mail that came in with the date of April 31 was actually sent and received on March 31. As I understand this, the problem is caused by some servers using the numbers 1 to 12 to represent the month, and other servers using 0 to 11.

If anyone reading this has more information on this issue I would very much like to hear from you. Check the Contact Bob page for my contact info.