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Contact Bob

Pocahontas State Correctional Ctr. where I am currently held now has INMATE EMAIL. If you would rather send your messages/images electronically rather than regular mail, (2 days processing) you must sign up for it. Please see this link for info: Remember my ID # is 1201280.

A nominal fee for this email "service" is charged. (Yes, they found a way!) You must purchase one stamp per page of text, and one per photo (remember -fully clothed people). 5 stamps = $1.95, 20 = $6.95, 40 = $9.95. Emails are appreciated & will be responded to.


I LOVE TO GET LETTERS as well, and will answer every one!

Letters must not weight more than one U.S. once (28 grams). ONE FIRST CLASS STAMP ONLY may be applied to cover mailing. There must be NO stickers on the envelope other than address stickers, and none on the letter itself. I can receive multiple one ounce letters from a person on the same day. All letters are OPENED by the RNCC mailroom and may be read by staff. Photographs are allowed, but no larger than 4x6 inches. The total weight of the photos and envelope must not exceed the one ounce limit. Printouts of web pages are allowed, as well as color copies of YOUR images (clothed).


Since they will be making copies of ALL INCOMING MAIL, destroying originals and giving me only the copies, a limit of 2 separate pages using only 3 sides of the paper will be allowed. You can write a letter, send info (no 3rd party emails) or copies of images. Any original photos sent will be copied in B/W on a single page per each image. The original will be destroyed. This is not recommended, as only 3 can be sent with NO letter. (Better to copy yourself. as many will fit on a page)

Whether it be a letter, copied info, or images,...... NO RUNNING OFF THE PAGE- KEEP ALL INFO 1/2" FROM EDGES OR IT WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU. and I will not be able to respond.

My major expense here is postage. You may not send me stamps. I don't know why they have this rule, but if you try to mail me stamps - they will send them back to you. Recently, several people have mailed me books. If you've mailed me a book and not gotten a response from me, it's because books mailed directly to inmates are confiscated, and we're not given the return address of the sender. You may send me books, though, but only if ordered from a mail order vendor (like and shipped to me directly from them. Used books via Amazon allowed. Both hard cover & paperback are OK. Please write to alert me of your purchase/s & estimated delivery dates

At the time of my trial in 2007, I had one of the most fully equipped studios in all the world. Except for the cameras (which I sold to pay lawyers) the rest is in storage, so that I can get back into business when I get out. Friends on the outside have kept the storage rent paid, but it is a burden on them. If you can help on this, write me and I'll put you in touch with the right person. Send me your email address if you write about this.

You can send me money for postage, decent food to supplement what they serve, etc. The way you can send money is on-line via JPAY.COM. (Money Orders sent to me at PSCC will now be returned.) Any amount is greatly appreciated as I have no job here and no income.

My mailing address is:

Robert E. Shell 1201280
Pocahontas S. C. C
PO Box 518
Pocahontas, VA 24635 - 0518 (Pls use zip+4 on return address)