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Bob Shell and Truth

Throughout my many years as a magazine editor and writer, I have built up a solid reputation for truth.and accuracy. I'm known as a man of my word, someone on whose handshake deals involving many thousands of dollars can be made. I was, therefore, completely unprepared for dealing with the Radford Police and prosecutor, who knew nothing about me and began calling me a liar almost from the beginning of this case. I am not a liar. In fact one member of my legal team remarked to the press that he had initially been skeptical of some of the things I had told him, but that, on investigation, every single thing I had told him turned out to be true, no matter how far-fetched it may have seemed at first.

When Marion died I did not have to make a decision over whether to tell the truth or not. It simply never occurred to me to do anything else. I have told the truth from 'the beginning of this matter, and stand by my testimony. Those who know me know that every word I've said is true.