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Basic Facts

The death of Marion Franklin on June 3 of 2003 was a great tragedy for her family, her friends and me. But that's all it should have been. Due to police and prosecutors unable to distinguish fantasy from reality it was turned into something else and, ultimately, a vicious vendetta against me.

Although they tried hard, the local media found my case confusing, and many things were broadcast or printed that are incorrect. I was motivated to use this website to try and set the record straight when I saw a bio of myself on wikipedia (friends printed and mailed it to me). After the basic bio, which is OK, almost everything on there about my case is incorrect. I'll try to deal with most of it point by point:

It says "Shell was known as a teacher of photography, and for his nude and erotic photography." First of all, I object to the use of the past tense, since I'm very much alive. Additionally, I am known as an author/teacher of photography, and for my photography, much of which is fine art nudes. Only a tiny percentage of my work might be described as erotic, and none is pornographic by any reasonable modern standard.

It continues "In early 2003, Shell began a bondage-themed project with the intent of establishing a commercial website ( and producing a bondage-themed book under, his nom de plume "Edward Lee". The facts: The first photos for the fantasy-bondage project were taken in the summer of 2002. These were for the book, which was conceived long before the website. The website, when we thought of it, was to be called, but we found that the name was already taken so we registered instead. It was to be a high-fashion, glamorous site, with Marion as the featured model. The book was initially conceived as a vehicle for my more artistic efforts. I had many books on photography published by that time, but no books of my photography. As we developed the concept, the idea of using traditional fine art black and white nudes as counterpoint to the bondage photos came along. I don't now remember whether it was Marion or me who came up with this concept. The idea to do the book originally came from Marion, who had been looking at Peter Hegre' s book My Wife, as well as Tony Ward's books and Deus Ex Macbina by Ralph Gibson.